4 of the biggest castles around the world

Castles are some of the biggest structures that humans have ever built. This is not surprising since castles have been built to house whole armies and also the ruling class as well. The average castle can hold a few hundred to several thousand people at once. And these gigantic buildings can also be really tall as well, in order to serve as better defensive fortifications. For hundreds of years, castles were some of the biggest structures in human history. So it is no surprise that they capture so many people’s attention even to this day.

But there are actually some castles that are much bigger than others. If you think that the average castle is huge, then you would that be stunned by the sheer size of these castles below. If you want to know about those gigantic castles around the world, then you definitely have got to check out these places below.

Malbork Castle

Malbork is found in Poland and was actually the center of power for a group of Polish nights. And it is the biggest castle in the world covering more than 143,000 square meters. If you want to see the biggest castle in the world, then you have got to head over toeMalbork.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is actually a Guinness world record holder. It was built way back in the 900’s, more than a thousand years ago. And over time newer expansions and additions to the castle have made it even larger. There are also other buildings that are worth seeing on site as well such as the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Hohensalzburg Castle

Located on a picturesque mountaintop in Austria, this is a huge castle that calls to mind the fairytale castles that you have read about in storybooks. And this well-preserved castle is also surrounded by a quaint village as well.

Spis Castle

In eastern Slovakia, there is the Spis Castle. This is an imposingly large structure that was used as a defensive fortification for hundreds of years. Many Hollywood movies have also been shot here, because of the perfect location and setting of the castle. It was built during the 13th century, and after all of that time it is still around today!

These are all some of the biggest castles around the world. If are ever traveling in the respective countries that these castles are located in, then you have got to make it a point to visit them at least once. If you check out these castles, you would not only be amazed at their immense size but the rich history as well. You would marvel at the gorgeous architecture of these castles, and you could even learn a little bit of the history of the area surrounding the castles as well. The view from these castles is also nothing to scoff at since these structures are usually built in high locations. So it is definitely worth it to check out these castles at least once in your life. You would definitely not regret visiting these stunning buildings.