Facts On The Levels Of LoL And Importance Of Buying Game

Facts On The Levels Of LoL And Importance Of Buying Game

In the online sports world, you have heard the name of the game- League of Legends. More than hundred million players play this game on every month. This is a free video game, and you will not have to invest an amount for playing the game. That is why lots of players get interested to play this LoL game. However, one of the important things to the players is that they may take much time for reaching the highest level. Level-30 is known as the highest level of this game, and you should try to achieve this game with all your efforts. It is essential to know the tricks for playing the game.

All players may not have good amount of BE for buying 20 champions. The accounts for level 30 are essential for both ranked and solo queues. You must strive for achieving the higher level for enjoying the game competitively with your contestants.

How much time do you take for reaching the highest level?

We cannot mention any definite time period for this accomplishment. However, you may cover months or weeks to attain the high position. The overall time varies on the basis of –

  • How many games you have played and won daily
  • Game type that you have played- Bot game and normal
  • Your usage of the boosts and EXP boosts

For the Bot type games, 90 Experience can be achieved on each session. Each of the games covers twenty five minutes.  You will get much time to level your gaming account while focusing on the ranked games. However, we think that the simplest and fastest option for having a higher level is to purchase LoL account. You can visit to make your deal for LoL account. We also call it as LoL Smurf Account.

Know more about the account

Now, let’s have a view of this type account. Since the time when digital games have been introduced, Smurf account has started gaining popularity. When it was 90s, first account was created. At present, most of the digital games need these accounts, and LoL is also one of them.

The LoL account that you have bought is just a different account, played under a unique name. You will be able to play in a style that is different from the regular one. It is really the best option to have more fun from the game.

There are more other reasons for buying the account. This saves your time for leveling up your gaming account. 20,042 XP is essential for achieving Level 30. While there is no booster, every game presents you with 90 XP for each of the matches. You need over ninety hours for achieving the highest level. Do not spend all your time for leveling. It is better to buy the account and gain more profit.

Thus, choose the best site for making a purchase and enjoy the game in a better way.