Rodent Infestation- Why You Have To Prevent The Access Of Rodents

Rodent Infestation- Why You Have To Prevent The Access Of Rodents

The rodents are one of the most disgusting pests, present in most of the households. It is true that they cause damages to our property. However, the most notable fact is that they may cause several health-related issues to us. There are several warning signs, which indicate that there are rodents in your house. Usually, the rodents get into your house through various cracks and gaps. It is not easy to prevent the access of rodents to your house. Still, you should try preventing them from entering the rooms. Rely on professional Merkem pest solutions and get rid of all these rodents.

Most of the homeowners overlook the issue of rodents in their house. While these rodent issues are not treated at the right time, you may have respiratory issues, nausea, itchy skin and eye irritation. Thus, rodent allergies are much serious to us, and we have to take time for solving these problems. All the symptoms that we have mentioned make you ill.

We have now listed some diseases that are caused from the rodents.


This is a type of pulmonary syndrome that may be highly serious to you. Hantavirus causes the risk of infection. The kids may be highly susceptible to this disease. The virus may result in lots of respiratory issues. Hantavirus may not be transmitted to the human body in any way.

Airborne allergen

The rodent infestation in your house may cause the spread of allergens. You will have asthma and various other diseases. While you have breathing problems, you must check out whether there are rodents in your house.


The saliva of rodents carries bacteria, and it can result in the disease, like leptospirosis. The symptoms of this disease are headache, muscle ache, fever, vomiting, chills, rash, jaundice, abdominal pain and diarrhea. With no treatment, this disease causes respiratory issues, failure to liver and kidney issues.


The rats’ feces may contaminate your foods, and it is really one of the serious issues. You will feel pain in your intestine. Although there is not a risk of death, you have to take steps for the prevention of this issue. Especially, the children have a very high risk of having this disease.

Rodents have a habit of chewing on your household items

The rats or mice can nibble on any of your items in your house. They may damage the electrical wires, present behind your walls. The teeth of rodents are very sharp, and they are much potential in cutting the wires. You will have electric or fire hazard due to these activities of the rodents. The rodents may also cause leakage to your pipes.

Thus, rodents are the major factors, causing lots of issues to your house and your family members. You must kill all the rodents to prevent their disturbance. The professionals will help you to remove all the rats and mice. They will also enable you in preventing the presence of various pests in your house.