Tips for Submitting Your Photos to Singapore Model Agencies

Tips for Submitting Your Photos to Singapore Model Agencies

It is important you are aware of the fact that there are four different ways of sending your photos to local Singapore model agencies. You can either send them by yourself by mail or email, have a model scouting company forward them on your behalf, get lucky with social media or have your current agency send them for you.

Having a professional model scouting company or experienced agent do the work for you is the most recommended approach. Nonetheless, if you are confident that you can do it all by yourself, ensure that you do it the right way.

Lots of experienced and new models think that popping their photos in the mail or attaching it to an email is all they are expected to do. What many don’t realize is that the agencies are not just looking forward to your photos, they are also interested with the manner of presentation of how you send the photos to them, tell them so much about you and if they are not impressed, you will not get a reply from them.

If you are sloppy in your manner of sending your photos, the agencies have no choice but to believe you are sloppy. You need to pay close attention to detail, avoid being too casual in hour letter or email, stay businesslike and professional, it makes the agent worry about you being too casual with their clients.

Check How the Agency Accepts Submissions
Right before you send your photos to the different agencies of your choice, look out for how they prefer receiving photo submissions. There are agencies that preference receiving photos by mail while some other loves it to be by email. It is vital that you follow their instructions to the letter. If perchance your send your photos via the mail and the agency in question prefers receiving photos via email, what you are indirectly telling the agency is that you don’t follow instructions and you are not dedicating time to learn.

Check That the Agency Accepts Your Type
You need to be sure on the type of model the agency you sending photos to prefers. There is actually no wisdom in sending your photos to an agency that represents female models if you are and male model and vice versa. You are without a doubt just wasting your time and that of the agency. You are at risk of developing a reputation in the modeling community for being inattentive.

Check the Size of Your Photos
If you will be sending photos by mail, ensure that the file size is not too large. 1MB per photo is acceptable and that should be the maximum. If perchance your photos are too large, you will find that they take too long to load and there is every chance your submission may get deleted before they are presented for review.

Pay Attention to Detail
Agents just like every other professional, like working with smart people, so it is important that you check every detail like the spelling and grammar, using spell check. If you will be mailing photos, the way you address the envelope is very important. If you will be handwriting your cover letter or the address on the envelope, ensure that it is legible and neat. Do not place your photos in a folder, photo albums or binder. Do not make use of fancy colored paper, heart stickers, or cute messages inside your package or on envelopes.