What are some of the most beautiful castles in the world?

Castles are unique historical locations that have captured the minds and imaginations of people for hundreds of years. These structures have been standing for several hundreds of years, and in some cases for thousands of years. And these castles are still going to be probably around for a few thousand more years as well. And these big buildings are not only mind-numbingly large, some of them are also quite beautiful as well. With the gorgeous views and beautiful architecture of these buildings, it is no surprise that some castles have been called world heritage sites. And if you want to know about some of the gorgeous castles around the world, then here are a few examples of those.

Mont Saint Michel

Found on a tidal island in France, this castle is the epitome of magic. The route to the castle appears and disappears with the tide. And it is also a castle that has got a quaint abbey around it as well. Thousands of tourist flock to France each year to visit this picturesque and magical castle. You may want to plan to go to this castle at least once in your life if you are ever going to France. You would definitely love the way that the castle feels like it is the middle of the sea.

Miranda Castle

Constructed in 1866, this is a castle that was built around the Ardennes region in Belgium. It is already one of the gorgeous places in the country. And the site of this beautiful building is right in the center of the Ardennes. The surrounding forests and fields make you feel like you are really in a magical place that is separate from history when you go to Miranda Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This castle in German means “New Swanstone Castle. And it is a gorgeous 19th-century castle built at the top of a mountain. Millions of people flock to this castle every year, and it is not surprising since it is a gorgeous location in Germany.

Kilkenny Castle

Built in Ireland, Kilkenny also has got the distinction of being one of the most well-preserved castles in the country. You would certainly be able to appreciate the untouched architecture and the gorgeous period and historically accurate furnishings inside of it. Kilkenny castle is actually also one of the most visited spots in Ireland.

Segovia Castle

Have you seen the classic Disney castle design? Did you know that it is based on Segovia Castle? This is a beautiful structure built in Spain. And it is a castle that is built right on a rock cliff, which has a great view of the surrounding area!

These castles are called the most beautiful in the world because they are also located in places that have already got a lot of natural beauty. If you ever want to enjoy some of the best sites around, then you need to visit these castles at least once in your life. Going on a trip to Europe to check out these castles is not something that you would regret. It would certainly be a trip that is worth going on.