What is the historical significance of castles?

Castles nowadays are just tourist spots or either place where you can rent it for an event. But these huge historical structures were actually used in the past. And there is more than one kind of use for these big constructions. People have been building and using castles for hundreds of years. There are some castles, in England, which has been around for close to a thousand years. But if you think that castles have just been fortifications for times of war, then you would have to think again. The historical significance of castles is actually varied. So here are some of the uses of the famous castles in history.

Seats of power

Castles have been used as the seat of power of many governments. For example, historically British monarchs would hold court in Windsor castle. And there are many castles around the world that have been historically the center of their own government. This is not surprising at all since the large structure of these buildings has been used for many years to house the ruling class of a particular nation.

Family homes

Castles have also been historically used as homes. You may be surprised at this since castles are so big, but it is true. For example, Versailles Palace is a huge castle that was not only the center of French nobility and rule, but it was also used as a home for many French nobles as well. Often, Monarchs would house their extended family in their castles. And some of the smaller castles around the countryside of many countries was also used as a home by the aristocracy as well. This is why you see so many lavish castles that look more like mansions rather than defensive fortifications.


Now, this is probably what you picture castles being used more for. The thick and high walls of castles make it a strategically defensive position to entrench in. Take, for example, the Mehrangarh Fort in India. It is located at the top of a hill, making it a great fortification. Fortresses around the world have also been the seats of power of governments as well. So a castle actually has got more than one use to it, as it can serve a wide variety of purposes.

These are just some of the historical uses of castles around the world. The next time that you visit a tourist site that has got a castle there, you may want to ask around for what the original purpose of the castle was. You may be surprised at how unique and special its history actually is. Also, you have got to be aware that depending on the historical significance of the castle, the kind of design and size that it has will change as well. This has meant that if you see a castle that does not look fortified, then it was probably a family home of some sort. And it is because of these different historical uses for castles, which is why there are so many castles that look different as well.