Why are some old castles still recently standing?

Castles are some of the most iconic buildings in the world. It does not matter what kind of castle it is, whether it is a fortress or a country home. Everyone knows immediately a castle is, and you can probably picture a castle quite easily and quickly. But did you know that some castles have been standing for hundreds of years now? Take for example the Windsor Castle, which has been standing for a little over a thousand years. And it has been the site and center of British royal rule for all of that time. While other castles are still standing, some are not so lucky anymore. There are a lot more castles that have been left to ruin. And why have some castles withstood the test of time, while others have not? here are some of the reasons why certain castles are still standing, and others are not anymore.

Historical stability

There are some castles that are still around because they are located in historically stable areas. What this means specifically is that these castles have not been the site of war or other kinds of problems. Some castles are not there anymore because they have been destroyed during a conflict or some kind of natural disaster. So there is some chance involved for why some castles have become destroyed while others are still there.

World Heritage sites

After World War II and the destruction that happened because of it, many countries banded together in order to have more peace around the world. And many international organizations, such as UNESCO, have decided to designate some areas as being world heritage sites. This means that those sites must be preserved at all costs. And this actually also includes some castles as well. And that is why there are some big castles still standing because they actually have laws protecting them.

Proper monetization

Castles are expensive to maintain. They need a lot of work to keep in good repair. And if the owner of a castle, does not have enough funds to maintain it, then it would fall into ruin much more quickly. The big castles and historical buildings that you see nowadays are actually businesses or estates. They have been properly monetized so that the owners can actually still get revenue from them. Without that revenue, the owner, would not be able to keep the castle in good repair at all. So a lot of those castles are still there because they have been turned into a proper business, such as renting them out, in order to receive a steady source of income for repair.

So there you have at, these are some of the biggest reasons why certain castles have become such cultural centerpieces and are still around today. So the next time that you see a castle, think about all of the factors about why it is still around. You would be surprised that it is no random chance that a particular castle is still in good condition. Rather the survival of that big and historical building is because of several deliberate factors.