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About Us

Hello there!

We are glad that you find our music great that you have visited our website. Billie the Vision and the Dancers will not come this far without your support and help. We tend to generate music that will touch your soul and introduce you to the other side of the world.

Want to know more about us? We are more than willing to welcome you as part of our family. As much as we are glad to see our names and band names imprinted in your t-shirts, we wanted to make justice on it by letting you have a glimpse of our history and personal background.

We do not see you as fans, but more of like supportive brothers and sisters to us. Once, we made a dream. That dream was to show off the world what we’ve got by producing music. We were more than happy when our song, I was so unpopular at school and now they’re giving me this beautiful bicycle was nominated at the Manifest for the award for records under the indie category.

We are very much overwhelmed with the positive reviews we receive from you. It’s like reading it for the first time especially with our radio debut. No one expected that the songs Summercat och Good and Bad will be remarkable to you as much as it did to us.

Throughout our journey, new members are being introduced to the band. We welcomed them with open arms as we know that it would add to the creativity and another brilliant idea will be added when we are making songs. We also went on a tour to further expose the band and widen our range of audience. God knows the countless amazing people we’ve met on the road.

Our second album was created while we are all enjoying the summer together. It’s called the World According to Pablo. And once again, we were surprised when it was nominated at the Manifest considering the fact that we just released it.

We are so honored to be part of this band—scratch that, family. We got a chance to meet the most amazing musicians in the generation such as Seasick Steve. Visiting countries was also our will in order to meet new people that may like our music. It was always full of fun and bliss although it cannot be denied that we are dealing with some kind of pressure every now and then.

For our third album that we called Where the Ocean Meets My Hand, we recorded it when the year was just starting. During the spring, it was soon then released. This project let us have a prison tour in the country of Sweden and we were very much pleased to the success that it had gained us.

Looking forward to the big tour? Yes, we already had one. We did our very own big tour in the country of Sweden. We celebrated in joy as the tour let us gather a huge fan base and all the tickets were sold out. We got to meet another set of amazing people again who values our music as much as we value it. What’s more spectacular is that Seasick Steve said that they wanted our assistance as the support band while they are doing their huge show in the United Kingdom. Nothing could contain our happiness as we see our band slowly making its way to the top of the music industry.

In the year 2008, another blessing had been introduced to us when new members of the band were again added. Frida Brattgard and Jon Lindquist were introduced as one of our newest members who will help us to generate more music and try out new adventures together.

The shows, concerts, and gigs continued as much as we are looking forward to it in the next few years of our career. We are very overwhelmed by the abundance of blessing that had been offered to us. We really couldn’t believe that our band had made it to the sixth album in which we called While You Were Asleep. The number of our fans had increased and people who adored our music became our strength.

For the next few years, we are still looking forward to meeting you guys. Just wait patiently because your country might be the next one that our epic yet heart-warming band will visit. We will see you soon and together, let’s create music that joys the world.