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Audience Guideline

Everything You Need to Know About Bands

So, you want to get to know the band that you’re fan-girling much better? Well, here is everything you need to know about bands—local, national, and international. It will give you an in-depth comprehension on how their world revolves and understand them better.

They don’t get enough sleep

Band members barely have enough sleep and time to rest especially if they are on a tour. They will jump from one place to another and even though they have jet lag, they couldn’t go straight to bed because they have to practice and perfect their songs just for you. Therefore, do not be disappointed if your favorite band sounds a little off compared to what you hear on their official music video or when they didn’t seem to notice you when you are already in front of them waving your hands frantically in the air.

Some of their songs are from real life experience

If you tend to understand some of their songs, it could be from their real life experiences. What makes it relatable other than it can really happen in real life? There are some singers who will admit that the girl that left him on the song is one of his ex-girlfriends or the boy who died in the car accident is the guitarist’s best friend. Their songs are much more interesting than a good beat and impressive melody. Pay attention to their lyrics and notice how emotional they are when they are singing the song. They could be talking about the girl they love or their grandmother that passed away for all you know.

Bands practice almost every day

In order to further enhance their performance, because they would be performing as a team, bands practice every now and then. You could be wondering what they could be doing during their free time. They’re practicing a lot. So the next time around you are going to stalk them on their private Instagram’s account, do not be surprised if the newsfeed is filled with the recording studio rather than photography of all the places they have been to.

They have limited time dealing with their fans

As much as they wanted to talk to each one of you and thank you for the support and genuine admiration that you had shown, unfortunately, bands do not have much time in dealing with their fans. Their manager already had their schedule laid out so that they wouldn’t miss their next appointment right after a gig or a performance—regardless if they are tired or not. Therefore, as one of the people who appreciate their music, understand that they couldn’t be that accommodating at all times.

If you were to go on one of your favorite band’s concert, always remember the aforementioned factors. This will help you to further understand them and support them in everything that they do. These bands are doing the best that they can to bring joy to their fans but always remember this one thing—they are only human beings.