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Beginner’s Guideline

What You Need to Know About Pre-Production: A Complete Guideline for Beginners

Is this your first time working with a band? How does it feel like now that you are one step away from your dream? You know too well that the most important part before you can actually record your song is the pre-production. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind to get through this process accordingly.

Get to know each other

Since this would be the time wherein your manager will attempt to get to know each of the members of the band, you should grab this opportunity too in learning more about each other. You may find out even though you share the same taste in music, you and the singer’s perspective about religion or politics is completely opposite. It’s fine if there are some topics that you disagree with. What’s important is that you establish a good relationship because you will soon spend more time with each other in making sure that all of your upcoming projects will be successful.

Write songs with each other

Pre-production is also the time wherein you tend to compose songs with each other. You can add and combine the ideas of the members to come up with the most spectacular song you should present. There are some bands that have a deadline in submitting their song. Therefore, you should spend every minute very carefully in doing so.

Also, you should make sure that you have created a backup song in case something unexpected happens and you can’t play the song you’ve been practicing about. Having an extra song will save you a lot of disasters that could happen when you are playing live.

Let each of the members play the song

If you wanted to make sure that you will really work well on stage and stop figuring out who and what could have been causing the song to sound off, you should let each of the members to play the song individually. In that way, you can all tweak something and adapt to the style of the band. It will also help you to increase the efficacy of the whole band playing the song together.

Do not ignore the train wreck

Even if you are in the spur of the moment, as soon as you encounter a train wreck, you should immediately stop and figure out how to make it better. If you just ignore the train wreck it may cause your band to fail singing the song the way it should be in front of many people. Therefore, you should make sure that all train wrecks are fixed and settled—no matter how many it could be.

Now that you have an idea what it’s like on a pre-production, you should really start practicing right now. Pre-production’s time is relatively short. Therefore, you should spend it wisely with all the band members to save you all the time. You will be surprised on how you can effectively sing the song once you follow the aforementioned tips we provided.